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Get the facts about Right to Repair and why it's needed

By 2020, more than 90% of new cars will transmit real-time repair information wirelessly, and independent repair shops will have limited or no access. 
Vehicle manufacturers are increasingly restricting access to car data. This means car owners are steered toward more expensive dealer repair options. It’s your car -- shouldn’t it be your right to access the info you need to repair it without having to pay high prices at the dealer?
Massachusetts voters voted 86% in 2012 to require car companies to make available repair information and diagnostitics. But now big auto is using the next generation of wireless technology to get around the law and shut out independent repair shops. That’s not what we voted for.
Beacon Hill needs to update the law to protect car owners and independent repair shops from being shut out by big auto makers.

What people are saying

What are people saying about Right to Repair?

"The more computers that are in cars, the more importance there is to have some tweaking of the law" - 2018